ShowPlayerDialog doesn't work in a fliterscript what ever i do!!

i have a problem
i tried all i have copied a working showplayer dialog out of my gamemode but it doesnt work in my filterscript!
Can you help me?

make sure it loads in server.cfg. first at all

1.) dont type 'Function' doesn't work', Kalcor has script it correctly
2.) Show me the code

Maybe dialog ids doesnt matches

I have this same "problem"... I use BamAdmin system, and i must put all dialogs in it.
If I donґt load BadAdmin filterscript, all dialogs from other filterscripts works.

well seems work fine to me i use dialog to create my weather menu filterscript
well maybe you did done something wrong?

You can't have two or more same dialog IDs in your code. If you do, change them.

its all correct
i have coppied something that work in my gamemode out into my filterscript and change the ids (all ids that have to been changed). the filterscript is loaded. i give the command ingame to open the dialog and i click something(i have tried all) and it close. nothing happens else

Could you please post some code?

i have downloaded a filter script too . it is the same problem!!

oh i know the problem check all filterscript/gamemodes if OnDialogResponse is on return 1; either return 0; if all are not in return 1; either return 0; change them to return 0; or either return 1;

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