Is it possible to make something where gTeam Survivor cannot see gTeam Animal and gTeam Animal can see gTeam Survivor?

+rep for whoever can help me.

damn just look down few topics it was discussed already !!!


I already read that, it has nothing to do with what I'm speaking of.

I don't have markers for either gTeams.

Basically I don't want Survivors to see Survivors markers, I just want Animals to see Survivors.

Use a loop with this: SetPlayerMarkerForPlayer
Here is an example:
pawn Код:
stock HideTeamMarkers(playerid)
    for(new x; x < MAX_PLAYERS; x++) if(IsPlayerConnected(x))
        if(gTeam[x] == gTeam[playerid]) // Change this part the way you like
            SetPlayerMarkerForPlayer(playerid, x, (GetPlayerColor(x) & 0xFFFFFF00));
            SetPlayerMarkerForPlayer(x, playerid, (GetPlayerColor(playerid) & 0xFFFFFF00));
    return 1;
^ Code by Lorenc_. Use it under OnPlayerSpawn then.

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