Superstar Racing [OFFICAL] Script

Hey all i have really nice idea guys but i think everyone think its not good thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think Everyone Know Formula Racing Game!

but here is my idea

I need:

Webbster(Who know good in forum/web)

House System
VIP System (More information is down!)
Admin System (More information is down!)
Vehicle Ownering System
Flying System (More information is down!)
Player Ranks(More information is down!)
Teleport System 
Grand Prix System (More information is down!)
Best Of Day (More information is down!)
Best Of Week(More information is down!)
Best Of Month(More information is down!)
Cannot Kill in Home Area(Los santos Air Port)
Gang System (More information is down!)
Flying/Driving Points (More Information is down!)
GameMode Information'

If you want more information go in
but GM must be Stunt/FreeRoam/Racing
and lots of Maps and Commands(Basic Commands)
Spawn Point can be Los Santos Airport!
Los Santos Airport Must Have Nice Jumps
And Every minute you get +1 Score

Administrator Ranks and Information

Admin Ranks:

1.Server Master (level 1)
2.Senior Server Master (level 2)
3.Veteran Server Master (level 3)
4.Administrator (level 4)
5.Senior Administrator (level 5)
6. Veteran Administrator (level 6)
7. Server Mapper (level 7)
8. Server Scripter (level 8)
9. Server Co-Owner (level 9)
10. Server Owner (level 10)
11. Rcon Administrator (level 11)
Ranks System Information

Flying Ranks you will get when you fly (every minute)

1000 Flying Points = New Guy
2000 Flying Points = Jet Boy
3000 Flying Points = Pilot
4000 Flying Points = Standart Pilot (Can Fly With Hunter (higher ranks too))
5000 Flying Points = Professional Pilot (Can Fly with Hydra, others cant)
Admin Score System

When you reach that score you will get admin!

1000Score = Level 1(admin)
3000Score = Level 2
5000Score = Level 3
7000Score = Level 4
9000Score = Level 5
11000Score = Level 6
14000Score = Level 7
20000Score = Level 8
V.I.P System

You need Do Donate and if you done you will get Code and useing
/vip activate <CODE> (can use 1time)
And you will have 29Days VIP When Over then automaticly it expire when you login


Level 0 Vip (None): /vips (can check onlyne Vips),

Level 1 Vip (Bronze): /vkick, /vcash(gives you cash),/vweapons(gives V.I.P random weapons),/vammo(Unlimate Ammo), /vgod (sets your health 9999999999999)

Level 2 Vip (Silver): Can use Level 1 Commands!
Level 2 Commands: /vannounce (Vip Announce), /viptime(can check V.I.P time), /vskin(Can choose Skin)
Level 2 Commands: /vsetint(Can set your interior), /vsetvw(can set virtual world), /vspec(Vip can spec)
/vspecoff (spec off)

Level 3 Vip (Gold): Can use Level: 1,2 commands
Level 3 Commands: /vcar (spawn for you infernus), /vclub (teleport you Jizzy Club), /viplogo(Attaching 3TextLable "VIP {LVL}")
Admin Commands:

Level 1: Server Master Commands: /dutywork (makes you duty), /mute(you all know),/unmute,/kick,/check,/fine
Level 1: Server Master Commands: /jail, /unjail

Level 2: Senior Server Master: Can use Level 1
Level 2: Senior Server Master Commands: /ban, /unban, /console (can copy from LuXAdmin),
Level 2: Senior Server Master Commands: /givegun,/spec,/unspec,/kill (kills specific player),

Level 3: Senior Server Master : Can use Level 1,2
Level 3: Senior Server Master Commands: /ipban (ipban), /unbanip(unbanip), /setcash(seting money)

More Comeing Soon!

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