Bug at AddStaticVehicle

Hey guys, i have a problem, i have a faction HQ at VW and every time when i exit from that HQ that cars are not near HQ(where i had place them in gamemode) they are far away from hq and if i use command /rac all cars come to then positions.

http://postimage.org/image/bi9uiqwbv/ - car after rac
http://postimage.org/image/nvmopnm0b/ - car after i exit HQ, the cars are in road.


No-one know how to fix it?

See https://sampforum.blast.hk/showthread.php?tid=119075

Ok, i try this
Originally Posted by BeckzyBoi
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It happens if you teleport to the interiors from outside the stream zone and then the vehicles stream in when you are in the interior above. It will work properly if you enter grove street house or jefferson motel using the door because the vehicles will already be streamed. So to avoid this from happening simply don't teleport into the interiors and just enter them normally.

I make a normal interior enter and still have same problem.

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