CPU problem on host +rep

Hey guys i get like 90 in CPU so my server restart all the time how to fix this ?

EDIT: i can play there alone and then my friend join that server restart if he leave or me that server works normal again

Which Host you use..
This happen because of ur script like bug or leakages in script.
May be due to irc. [If u have irc how much bot u use]
Or ur host problem

some host like limestone got so many problems in SA-MP Hosting, like losing some scripts, getting so many bugs and having some leakages.

Tell us your hosting maybe we can help, but if your PC is restarting maybe your server got so many many bugs thats making your PC so laggy hardcore

My server never uses more than 15% of CPU when even 215 players online. And this is a Duel Core 2.8GHz only. I would contact your host about it because they might have a problem in their control panel or your gamemode has way to many timers in it going off every second.

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