Lokal Chat Problem

Hi ,

i want a lokal chat in my gamemode, so when i type "t" only the players in my radius can read the text.
i found in a tutorial this:
and i added it in ONGAMEMODEINT at last.
but now i wont work . Please can you help me with this?

Thank you!

What doesn't work about it? How did you go about testing it? Additionally, are you using any other type of system of people chatting? This will only work with the standard chat, aka, returning 1 in OnPlayerText and allowing the text to go through to the chat.

what do you men i have to do? I want to type T and a text, and just people near me should see it.
and i only addet LimitGlobalChatRadius(30.0); do ongamemodeint
Thank you

all clear, my adminscript blocked it, but thanks!

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