Is this possible

I am new to this forum and mod. I discovered it last night when looking for a Coop San Andreas mod and came across this. I played for several hours on some role-play servers and really enjoyed it. But my main purpose of getting this was to play with a few of my friends. Is there any way to have civilians walking around and maybe the police?

Another question: Is the development of this mod over or is there a team still working on it?

No, you cannot enable civillians in SA-MP.

The development of this mod is currently active and there is a new version being worked on right now, the release candidates and information on this new version are available here.

Civilians aint working in SA:MP.
But i guess , NPC's who are driving can be created , since i saw one at a roleplay script.
(Automatic Taxi , NPC)

First of all, welcome to SA-MP!
Enjoy your stay here.

No, you cannot have civilians like in SA single player.
You can create NPCs(bots), however:

i think the civilians are disabled for the simple fact that they would bog down the server completely....civilians are everywhere, at any time doing anything...these individual actions would completely bog the server out and make your experience with your friend less enjoyable...try taking each other to high populated RP servers and just play with eachother and you may get that civilian effect cheers

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