samp.ban don't work for 1 cheater


I use samp.ban it work fine but there is a cheater with a ip dynamic so I ban his range 12.34.45.* But he can connects in the game. Why? how?


you're using the wildcard wrong, 12.34.45*. would mean 12.34.45<anything in here>. which means it HAS to end with a . which no IP does

spawn a knife and slit his throat xD also you should download LuxAdmin or something similar and range ban him so all his IP range will be banned also name ban him he shouldnt get around that.

Sorry by writing the message I made a mistake, it's 12.34.45.* and don't work

Try banning this IP then 12.34.*.*

Why 12.34.45.* don't work? I am going to test with my ip. 12.34.*.* and 12.34.45.*

because the range is the first 2 sections not 3

no on samp.ban 127.0.*.* or 127.0.0.* both you are banned, so he can, I don't know he can ban evading

A wider range will prevent the dynamic IP rom changing by only a few numbers. Therefor, if the server can block more sections of the IP the user is less likely to enter the server. I agree with the LUX admin part stated above, I don't use it but I would be great for you.

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