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Question Num. 1:

I have RP Mod, and i see some of the player colors on the map...
Now, i want to know how do i cancel it. I mean i won't see the players color....


When admin on duty - COLOR RED

It's like that:
PHP Code:
#define TEAM_ADMIN_COLOR 0xE82C2C00
and i don't see how on the map

Now, i added a few months ago, a new factions (Army) and when he goes on duty - COLOR GREEN

It's like that:
PHP Code:
#define ARMY_COLOR 0x9ec73daa
How am i doing the whole server colors won't be on map? and not only admin color or police color.. i just dont get it

Question Num. 2:

I heard it's possible to Hide the cars from the map (I mean like they are Square, Triangle, etc...)
If it's possible please explain me .

For question 1:
pawn Код:
public OnGameModeInit()
    return 1;

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