How to save server suggestions

I thought to add in my GM a command /suggest which writes on a text file (maybe in scriptfiles) all suggestions written by server users. Is it possible? How can I make it work?

pawn Код:
forward SaveSuggestion(string[]); // forward our function
public SaveSuggestion(string[])
    new entry[200]; // declare the variable entry with a 200 array size
    format(entry, sizeof(entry), "%s\r\n",string); // format the entry. "%s" placeholder for strings
    new File: hFile = fopen("Suggestions.log", io_append); // Declare, create and open our file, "Suggestions.log" wich will be located in scriptfiles
    fwrite(hFile, entry); // Write in the file
    fclose(hFile); // Close the fil

// ZCMD:
CMD:suggest(playerid, params[])
    new string[ 128 ], name[ MAX_PLAYER_NAME ]; // Declare a string with a 128 array size and a variable "name" with array size "MAX_PLAYER_NAME"
    // Wich holds the player maximum name. (24 char)
    if(isnull(params)) return SendClientMessage(playerid, -1, "Syntax: /suggest [Suggestion]");// self-explinatory
    GetPlayerName( playerid, name, MAX_PLAYER_NAME ); // we get the player name
    format( string, sizeof( string ),"You suggested: %s", params); // we format our string
    SendClientMessage(playerid, -1, string); // we send the player the message
    format( string, sizeof( string ),"%s suggested %s", name, params); // we format our string for the log
    SaveSuggestion(string); // we save in the log
    return 1;

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