Problems With Cmd /Invite

Hello Good Afternoon, I have a RPG server, and when a leader sends the invitation to Civil Gang Log In or organization,''says he has no invitation to be accepted''
Could someone help me?
I send the lines, is in Portuguese

pawn Код:
if(strcmp(cmd, "/convidar", true) == 0){if(IsPlayerConnected(playerid)){tmp = strtok(cmdtext, idx);if(!strlen(tmp)){SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_GRAD2, "USE: /convidar [playerid/Parte-do-Nick]");return 1;}new para1;para1 = ReturnUser(tmp);if (PlayerInfo[playerid][pLider] >= 1 || PlayerInfo[playerid][pCargo] == 5){new lolz = GetPlayerOrg(playerid);if(TemVaga(lolz) == 0){

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