Shift key in vehicle

So, I understand that shift in a vehicle is different than what it is on foot, on I downloaded a GF edit that had engine starting using shift, its done the exact way I've done it in my Vortex 2 edit, and yet it still refuses to work, shift in a car, seems to be "s", but in the GF edit, it works a shift.. Any suggestions?

Remember that you can only use keys that are assigned to San Andreas Actions. If the shift key is assigned to something when the player is in the car then it will work. Here is a list of keys

I've looked through that list before, My point is this GF edit can use "shift" but in my script I can't

What ever, not worth the time, going to use something else.

A way to find out which key value is shift, when in a vehicle is with this code

pawn Код:
public OnPlayerUpdate(playerid)
    new keys, ud, lr, str[20];
    GetPlayerKeys(playerid, keys, ud, lr);
    format(str, 20, "Value: %d", keys);
    SendClientMessage(playerid, 0xFFFFFFFF, str)
    return 1;
Get in a car, press shift and use that value in your code

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