I question

Now anybody abouth the "everlast gaming" because i have buyed mod but i cant set up it :S!

please help me!

This isn't really a script problem ...

It kinda is. He doesn't know how to set up the plugins, etc.

Do you even have a host?

Depends what he actually means with 'mod'. Texture mod? And he 'bought' something. Honestly, I don't really understand him.

iam pretty sure he means "mod" = "mode" = "GameMode". bought a gamemode package, most prolly a .zip file. if so, do that:
download the SA-MP 0.3c R2 Server (and R3 Client indeed lol) @ http://sa-mp.com/download.php ,
extract it, select the zipped files and directories, and copy them to the according place where you installed the serverpackage. doing it one-by-one is the best method, so you will learn about the file structure.

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