The ONLY thing that could possibly work is having a global account system that servers use instead of making their own registration/login scripts. That way an user with an account could have his own unique identifier that is given to the server on login and the server uses that unique id to store data regarding the player. Of course you could always use it as a 2nd account system next to your own one but I doubt many users like logging into dozens of accounts.

On every login certain data could be synced with the global account system, like the current IP (that way the global account system would have a list of IPs used by the player) and a ban would be pretty effective once the player actively played on a server and got a lot of his dynamic IPs stored on the global account system.

This is the ONLY thing I can think of. Yet again you dont know if it works out (lag sending HTTP requests? I never tried the HTTP features out so I dont know if they can cause lag if the server the request is sent to is busy or not) and some server owners might not want to rely on a global account system that can render your server unplayable once it is down/not accessible.
A Filterscript could be created and you define how you want to participate, whether you want to use the global account login/registration and work with the unique id (which in fact would work like a normal account system) or if you only want to use the banlist that is provided by the system. But the banlist would also depend on quite a few servers using the global account system.

Sorry for the long post, just wrote down what I think is the only proper solution to having a global banlist.

SHORT: Global account system that stores all IPs used by the player and bans those once the player is banned. Servers use the global account system instead of having their own ones (or they just use it as a 2nd account you log in).

Originally Posted by Rob_Maate
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You all have the wrong idea as to what the point of this project is.

In my honest opinion, hacking health/armor doesn't warrant being removed from SA-MP indefinately. We all make mistakes and we all experiment.

This IS a blacklist, but it is not a banlist. Utilizing this new feature will not prevent individuals listed from accessing your server unless you code it specifically to do so.

What it WILL do however will give TRUSTED servers the ability to add 'records' of a player's idiocies and fuckups.

What it will also do is provide an avenue for SA-MP communities to compare it's players against the blacklist in any way they like, filtering by server 'trust' level, the type of server the player was banned on, the type of ban received etc.

It's not about "YOU CANNOT PLAY IF YOU USE CHEATS", rather a way to keep tabs on who does what, and to allow you as a server owner to decide if you want these individuals as a part of your community. You can choose at any time to completely remove the checking process from your script, or to use the results of the process in any capacity you see fit under the terms of service.

@Calgon, I understand the point you are making in regards to the 'human error' component of hiring people as moderators. This is totally understandable considering people are not perfect. Especially within SA-MP, a global community not particularly recognized for it's contributions to humanitarian aide and fair-play. That being said however, there will be strict rules and guidelines governing how applications are answered, managed and materialized. There will never be a time when any one individual has ultimate control over any given listing on the appeal. It will be open for discussion, evidence will be brought forward from both sides and an educated decision will follow this process.

Also, any individual chosen to take part in the moderation of this list will be very thoroughly scrutinized and moderated themselves. The role is not a joke, nor will we accept any form of abuse from any clients/staff.

This is an information service. It's not designed to ban everyone with cheat-tools, or there'd be no-one left.
It's about providing server-owners with the opportunity to not only build character-profiles on community members, but also to enable the prevention of serial anti-social dickheads taking your community and using it as a sheet of toilet paper.
Fair enough. I suppose there's a lot you can do with the information that someone hacked on another server, i.e. scripting an anticheat which is a lot less lenient on people who've been blacklisted, etc.

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