Script runs under Windows pefect but not under Linux (WTF?!)

Well the Title says everything ^^

i have my Scirpt uploaded normaly on my Linux Server like always but since i added the feature that the Script has to load the Car Spawns and the Property Spawns from a Single Data in the Scriptfiles folder, the Script wont start properly and the Player Crashs on Connection to the Server.

Is this a Bug and how can i fix this?

mm, i had the same problem, what linux are you running?
I had Debian.. Sampserver had crashes all the time , now i have Win2003, Never ever had a crash

Grtz Dimplex

I found that file directories are case sensitive in linux and not in windows, thats y my ladmin script used to crash in linux servers. Its worth checking.

if ur server is reading files that are modified (maybe player databases or something)
change the properties of the files before running the server

select 777 in the properties

I hate linux :P I had to do the same.

hehe, i hate it to now :P
I did chmod all maps to 777, and it stills crash, if someone register a name, or they create a bank.
Linux is pritty good, but not for samp servers :P

show the part where u create the file
maybe there is something non compatible with linux :P

Meh, sorry for this uberbump but ..

I now got the same problem. I'm running my server on debian, i debugged my whole onplayerconnect, everything works fine. It prints everything, on windows i can connect. But on debian, the players are crashing on connect.
I CHModded my whole /scriptfiles/ directory to 777 ..
Is there any fix avaiable? I'm stuck at that since a few days, goddam' ..

EDIT: It crashes whetever the userfiles exists or not ..

Yeah, everything is uploaded correctly ..
I didn't even touch that part of the scripts for a while, it suddenly start up doing this. There was no debian update, nothing.
I debugged every part of loading external cars, works fine.

About that line endings, what'ya mean? that \n and \r thingies ? I'm just using \n, the coords of that certain file shows up properly and is setted up properly

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