Textdraws has got a way of fucking up

Of some reason, textdraws fucks up all the time, on different occasions.

Some things I have experienced:
- Textdraws refuses to get hidden
- Textdraws remove other textdraws even though their ids are different
- Textdraws sets themselves to different places on your screen if another textdraw is defined there

And more...

Are anyone else experiencing problems like this, and, does anyone know how to fix this?

Are you using several filterscipts with text draws in?

Use this filterscript to make awesome textdraws WORKING, i just tried it and its awesome: https://sampforum.blast.hk/showthread.php?tid=117851

You need to be very careful on when to manage textdraws; creating, destroying, hiding, showing, formatting.. If you are using textdraws such as showing something's stat (speedometer, player stats) you might want to use per-player textdraws unless it's a global textdraw for example a simple textdraw showing the website of your server.

pawn Код:
new Text:td[ MAX_PLAYERS ];

public OnPlayerConnect( playerid )
    TextDrawCreate( td[ playerid ], "my textdraw is only for me", 0.0, 660.0 );
    TextDrawShowForPlayer( playerid, td[playerid] );

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