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Background Information: Hello everyone participating on this SA:MP board. This might be my first post on this user, but this is not my first account on these forums! Anyways, this script is only Version 1.0, so please don't make any rude comments about the number of commands or what-not. The script took an astounding 12 hours of a day to make what you see. All of the vehicles, pickups, and spawns have been strategically placed by my staff (2 people). If you enjoy planes and vehicles travelling over the desert dunes, this is the perfect script for you.

So what is a Dogfight?
Originally Posted by Wikipedia
Dogfighting emerged in World War I. Aircraft were initially used as mobile observation vehicles and early pilots gave little thought to aerial combat—enemy pilots at first simply exchanged waves. Intrepid pilots decided to interfere with enemy reconnaissance by improvised means, including throwing bricks, grenades and sometimes rope, which they hoped would entangle the enemy plane's propeller.
How do you have a Dogfight in SA:MP: Sadly, we cannot throw projectiles like the above out of planes into propellers. So how then would you explain a Dogfight in San Andreas Multiplayer? Simply, it could be described as a combat between aircrafts. From Rustlers to Hydras, Andromedas to Beagles, Raindances to Hunters, etc., you can fight, stunt, freeroam, and commercially fly planes. It does take your mind off the time when you are flying, trust me.

So what is this Dogfight Script: As explained in the previous section, you are free to fly planes to your extent, using your imagination. But, there are also several other vehicles scattered around the globe, especially Banditos! There is a lot of potential for your time in a server running this script, so make your time worthwile. However, be aware that there are numerous pickups scattered about! Beware. There are five classes for you to spawn as; Las Venturas Pilot, Verdant Meadows Pilot, Military Pilot, San Fierro Pilot, and finally Los Santos Pilot. Please do not yell at me or any X-Treme staff for the distance of spawn-to-car, for that is opinional perception.

Additional Features: Apart from the vehicles, spawns, and pickups, there is one more feature currently available in this version of the script. This includes a user-frienly and easy-to-percieve killing system (as well as in the scripting too). Basically, your score increases by one for a non-team-kill kill, and decreases if you team kill. Your score will NOT decrease if you kill yourself...however sometimes there are plane glitches where there could be a few accidents But besides that, every 10 minutes, the player with the most kills (unless everyone has the same score, then the first person will be detected) will recieve 5000 dollars to spend on weapons etc. Apart from that, so far there is a /me and /top command.

Conclusion: Yes, this is a lot of explaining for such a small script...but it will be well worth it for you! I, along with the X-Treme staff, wish you a safe and happy trip around San Andreas, for ATC guarantees it.

Version History
Version: 1.1
Features Include:
  • Speedometer System (Very Accurate)
  • 24-Hour Clock
  • 2 new classes with more vehicles for more fun
  • More pickups scattered around the map
  • Compatible with the X-Treme Administration Filterscript

Complete File Download: http://www.sendspace.com/file/h6i9nw
You will need dutils.


Sounds Like a Nice Little Mode You've got there! Im going to try it out very soon .

Heh, thanks for your support Ramjet! I hope and intend that you will enjoy it. Well I'm off to bed, g'nite SA:MP!

simple mode, nice idea.


Cool mode nice work ! !
I hope you gonna make soon newer version with alot more new cool stufs !!!

We will try to update when we can

Very original idea! gonna check it out now..!

Hehe, I just had a discussion with my team. We decided that a new version will be available somewhere within 16 hours Features will be posted a bit later on the main post.

Also, I am quite impressed with the popularity of the mode with a constant 28/40 - 35/40 on Dobre's server. Keep up the good work! More updates soon.

A new version of the dogfight is available! Go to the top post to check it out!

I like ver 1.1 is goood and fun !!
I expect ver 1.2 soon !!!!!!!!!
P.S. i like your work guys !! Keep gooooooooooooooooing!!

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