[FilterScript] V.I.P System 3 Levels: SQLite, ZCMD, SScanf!

xxSPEEDYxx's V.I.P System - 3 Levels v3.0 - MySQL Version - Updated
- I start to work at this filterscript a few weeks ago, and I decided to post it now!
- This filterscript are based on ZCMD, SScanf and SQLite.
- This V.I.P system is with 3 levels...there can be set with /setvip command, and the command can be accesed only by RCON Administrator.
- The V.I.P System has a function that you type a V.I.P command, command what you typed has send to all V.I.P's Online...
- A function i add to this system ar that: SendLevel( playerid, level ); - This function eases your work when you scripting new V.I.P commands

Informations v1.1:
- I translated the romanian expresions in english( Sorry, for old version were was the maches and some words in romanian ).
- I fixed a bug on /vips now will be showed all V.I.P's online!
- Fixed another bug on DELETE( Query ) your V.I.P accound! Now when an admin type /setvip [playerid] 0 playerid's account will be deleted!
- Fixed a bug on /stophold the messages will not be send elsewhere.
- A bug fixed on /vkick i added params[ 0 ] and params[ 1 ] and now the command will work fine.

- This is the bugs what have been fixed on this version. If you see a bug please report him!


Other Commands:
/vips -> with this command you see that V.I.P are online...and they has order by V.I.P level
Use ! in front of your text to speak on V.I.Ps Chat!

V.I.P commands level 1:
/mytime -> With this command you set your time!
/myweather -> With this command you set your weather!
/myvw ->This command are used to set your virtual world!
/mycolor -> With this command you set your color!
/vspec -> Spectate a player!
/vspecoff -> Stop spectate a player!
/spawnme -> With this command you will be respawmed!
/vcmds -> V.I.P commands!( Alls )
/ltc[1-13] -> With this command you give a tuned car!
/viphouse -> With this command you teleport to V.I.Ps House ( jizzy club )
/vspa -> V.I.Ps Special Actions( holds + jetpack )
/stophold -> Stop holding a object!

V.I.P commands level 2:
/vsaveskin -> Save your skin and load it one next time you connect the server!
/dontuseskin -> Stop to use skin that you saved!
/vweapons -> Weapons for V.I.Ps
/vipgoto -> Teleport to a player!
/vasay -> A message to all players!
/vipgod -> Infinte health!

V.I.P commands: level 3:
/vkick -> Kick a player!
/vget -> Teleport a player to your location!
/rw -> Runing Weapons Set!
/MaxAmmo -> Add max ammo to all weapons what you own
/vannounce -> Announce for all players

- In this photo are V.I.P Commands
- In this photo are V.I.Ps Online!
- V.I.P's Special Actions!
- This photo are when player connect...it displays players level!
- V.I.P Chat:
( Me )Edvin aka: xxSPEEDYxx - For this script!
****** - For his awesome SScanf!
****** - For foreach include.
ZeeX - For his Fast and Simple Command Processor!
Zh3r0 - For the /vspa holds i take that holds from The Eclipse and for variable P_DATA!
[L3th4l] - For /vspec and for /ltc[1-13] i take it from LAdmin!
Ryder_RO and vampir_MD for testing the FilterSript on Host.

Sugestions || Bugs:
If you have sugestion or you saw a bug please report it here!

------------------------- These downloads aren't recomaned (outdated) -------------------------
Download v1:

Download v1.1( Recomanded - For 0.3c servers. ):
http://pastebin.com/HFeXi7RK - PasteBin
http://www.2shared.com/file/wif2OR35/VIP_System.html - AMX, PWN, Include, Plugins

Download v1.1
http://www.2shared.com/file/qnm5ZCLm/VIP_System.html - AMX, PWN, Incudes, Plugins - All For 0.3d SA-MP Version

Download v1.2( Recomanded - For 0.3d servers. ):
I have recompiled the filterscript, added foreach and update some database codes. ^^

Download v1.3 - Re-Compiled/Re-Written some codes:
http://pastebin.com/8L3yNyCB - Source code.
http://www.2shared.com/file/aHRZM1lz/VIPv13.html - All files: plugins, AMX + PWN, includes.

----------------------------- V3.0 - MySQL Version (recomanded) -----------------------------
Plugins/Includes/Source Code

Changelog v3.0:
- switched to MySQL R8 (revision 20)
- includes updated.
- some new features (you'll find they)
- code clen-up.
And finally i've added VipCheck function, to easy check the player's vip level.

An exemple command for "VipCheck" function:
pawn Code:
CMD:time( playerid, params[ ] )
         v_Level = 1
    VipCheck( playerid, v_Level );
        You can enter values between 1 and 3 in place of "v_Level".
        1 = If Player has vip level 1 | 2 = if player has vip level 2 | 3 = if player has vip level 3

    return SetPlayerTime( playerid, params[ 0 ], params[ 1 ] );

delet this please i forgot the button views....i made new topic in few seconds

Why don't you just edit this one?

Originally Posted by iMonk3y
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Why don't you just edit this one?
what he saied...
you can edit this one.. :S
and if you want to change the title name then just ask one of our active beta testers...

i finish the edit now all is avabile

nice vip system
5 / 5


Nice vip system
Bug in /viplist does not show all members of the VIP

Originally Posted by vampirmd
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Nice vip system
Bug in /viplist does not show all members of the VIP
yep i will fix that...

dick and iron are copied from Eclipse gamemode...

Awesome !!! Good job!!!

Originally Posted by Naruto_Emilio
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dick and iron are copied from Eclipse gamemode...
You forgot alien.

An error:
When you quit and back you vip is back lvl 0 wtf?

i put the credits to that holds...
@[M.A]Angel[M.A] that is not posible this fs is tested on host...

Hey cool! I love the dialogs

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Hey cool! I love the dialogs
me too...

hey guys the v1.1 updated no more bugs!...anythink work perfectlly try it

@Edvin : I test it 2 times when i set level 3 and quit from server they will being removed.

Looks great man, gonna test it as soon as I get home, good job.


Thanks All^^

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