[NGG] [NGRP] Well, So I'll just make a thread to highlight... certain things... to more, set things straight.

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Off topic, Even though you're showing your disapproval of NGRP.

What I'm saying is a cyber crime has been committed... The fact that you are so anti-NGRP, Or just straight out defiant shows your maturity.

As I said, If this isn't of interest to you, then just exit the thread. Enough posts have been deleted in this thread, Yours will most likely follow.

Haters gonna hate, No matter what.
I aint anti-NGRP Why? Because:
I Never Played there

My matureness is normal and does not show nothing bad about it and LAW does not give a single fuck about cyber - crime until it is reported to them with everything, how the hell are they suppose to know it happened? They see everything? no they dont, like Interpol has nothing to do and arrest kids for DDosing a gaming website. Yea lets do it and lets the real criminals do what they want.

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