Filterscript as a GM addon

Hi there..
Is it possible to make filterscript contact with gamemode? I want to make big system in filterscript, not in Gm, so i can unload it easily and will not consume much space. It's RP GM and i have to use GM strings, variables and so so, like PlayerInfo[playerid][pCash].. When i try to use PlayerInfo without defining everything from beginning, it gives me error that PlayerInfo isnt defined. When i define it, FS doesnt read variables from GM.

I have the same problem, i don't think its possible... I just added mine into the gamemode... and if you still want to save it for some other time, just save it into a text file or something...

Not much help, but im happy to see the same problem.

Yeah not sure if it's possible, but do what Realz said - add your filterscript code into your gamemode and remove the unneeded variables which have no sense, that's it...
And about your last sentence is because FS is a file and the GM is another file. When compiling they don't interaction, that's why you get the undefined thingy.

I wrote a short tutorial on this:

Filterscripts are great for dynamically loading and unloading game features during runtime.

I wish more people would create gamemodes that worked better in conjunction with filterscripts. Then again, I should probably do this with my releases too.

You could use PVars for one, perhaps an include for other things such as "player info arrays."

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