[FilterScript] Execute PAWN Functions In-Game

Originally Posted by Steve*
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LoL, my server shuts down when i do something with it...

pawn Код:
[08:18:16] [join] [TFD]Steve has joined the server (0:
[08:18:37] RCON (In-Game): Player #0 ([TFD]Steve) has logged in.
[08:18:40]   Filter script '../scriptfiles/ExecFS.amx' unload failed.
[08:18:40] Failed to load 'filterscripts/../scriptfiles/ExecFS.amx.amx' filter script.
[08:18:40]   Filter script '../scriptfiles/ExecFS.amx' load failed'.
Well, what did you change in the filterscript?


Failed to load 'filterscripts/../scriptfiles/ExecFS.amx.amx' filter script.

Remove the .amx. When you use the RCON command loadfs it loads the filterscript '{parameter}.amx'.
So if you add '.amx' to it, it'll load 'script.amx.amx'

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Amazing dud keep it up!

wait wait wait, so possibly with this we can change around the command to like /exec samp Function or /exec npc Function, so we can dynamically start recordings ingame, then use samp functions on them ingame then stop recording etc easy!

thanks ryder you gave use a way to use StartRecordingPlayback ig

how cool is that!

/exec SendClientMessageToAll(COLOR_GRAY, "This is crazy RyDeR");

I thought of a system like this a few days ago, and you made it! Good job

PS: My idea was to use a dialog input as it supports longer lines AND it might even be possible to write bigger lumps of code. Would you mind if I try to create my idea as well and post it?

thats awesome lol, how did you know those co-ords for the Hydra thogh -.-

Very good, an innovation in the SA-MP.

RyDeR`, remember all those years ago (okay, two) when Alex used to say "read the PAWN language manual"? Or something to those lines anyway...

Well, I suggest you should have. You would have learned about the semicolon directive!

This directive allows lines to have either a colon at the end, or no colon at all - both are fine.

Here's a little example.

pawn Код:
#include <a_samp>

#pragma semicolon 0

        printf("The game has loaded!")
        printf("Yeah... but I love semi colons too much :(");

        printf("Multiple function calls on a single line"); printf("require semicolons for all the previous statements.")
Thus you could omit the semicolon in game.

Just a way of making it quicker to type commands (by a fraction of a second, I suppose)

OMG this is very very niceee....tnx for this

/exec new string[128]; format(string, sizeof(string), "The RCON password is \"%s\"", GetServerVarAsString("rcon_password")); SendClientMessage(playerid, 0xFFFFFFFF, string);

Haha very awesome

Very very nice ! Thanks.

A dialog version of this won't be better, the input dialog still only supports 128 characters.

But I do like this, it makes a perfect add-on to any admin script

Originally Posted by Eazy_One
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Nice ^^A question ,how do you make it ,when you write it displays the time ,thx.
/exec new h,m,s,str[16];gettime(h,m,s);format(str,16,"%d:%d:%d",h,m,s);GameTextForPlayer(0, str, 3000, 1);
Don't forget to change the first parameter of GameTextForPlayer to your ID.

Uhh- when I use samp-server.exe , this is what it says - "Unable to load filterscript "ExecFunctions.amx". I would appreciate any-ones help.. thanks.

Edit: Here is my server_log,

[12:37:31] Blank Gamemode by your name here
[12:37:31] ----------------------------------

[12:37:31] Number of vehicle models: 0

Loaded log file: "server_log.txt".

SA-MP Dedicated Server
v0.3c R2, ©2005-2011 SA-MP Team

[12:38:22] Server Plugins
[12:38:22] --------------
[12:38:22] Loaded 0 plugins.

[12:38:22] Filter Scripts
[12:38:22] ---------------
[12:38:22] Loading filter script 'ExecFunctions.amx'...
[12:38:22] Unable to load filter script 'ExecFunctions.amx'.
[12:38:22] Loading filter script 'base.amx'...
--Base FS loaded.

[12:38:22] Loading filter script 'gl_actions.amx'...
[12:38:22] Loading filter script 'gl_property.amx'...
[12:38:22] Grand Larceny Property Filterscript
[12:38:22] -----------------------------------

[12:38:22] Loading filter script 'gl_realtime.amx'...
[12:38:22] Loading filter script 'gl_mapicon.amx'...
[12:38:22] Loading filter script 'ls_elevator.amx'...
[12:38:22] Loading filter script 'engine.amx'...
[12:38:22] Engine System loaded.
[12:38:22] Loading filter script 'save.amx'...
[12:38:22] Loaded 8 filter scripts.

[12:38:22] Reading File: blank
[12:38:22] Reading File: properties/houses.txt
[12:38:22] Reading File: properties/businesses.txt
[12:38:22] Reading File: properties/banks.txt
[12:38:22] Reading File: properties/police.txt

Originally Posted by SilentHuntR
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it makes a perfect add-on to any admin script
Are you very sure about that? - How would you use it? If you would exactly use the /exec command for admins, they could simply change the RCON password or display the RCON password.

Change RCON:
pawn Код:
/exec SendRconCommand("rcon_password IHaveChangedTheRCONPass");
Display RCON:
/exec new str[128], rcon_pass[100]; GetServerVarAsString("rcon_password", rcon_pass, 100); format(str, 128, "RCON PASSWORD: %s", rcon_pass); SendClientMessage({playerId}, 0x00FF00AA, str);
Something like that. They can dan also use 'SendClientMessageToAll' so that everyone knows the RCON password.

Yep, very nice relase.
This could serve to test some functions in-game.
Nice Work, RyDeR!


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