What is it that really gives your computer the juice to get higher fps? I mean... im usually get spikes of 30 fps and dips 0f 5-10 and i want to play at 30 all the time. So what should i buy for my pc? Its not really a gaming pc, but i call it a "gaming" pc because i game on it. Its got a pentium 4 3.0 ghz. I am going to overclock a little later on. 1.5 GB of ram. I am going to upgrade that. A Geforce 8400 gs. I am also goint to upgrade this. So what is it that really gives me the fps and what will give me more? My mobo only has 1 pci-e slot and its pci-e 1.0 not 2.0. That doesnt realy help, but i'll survive. THANKZ!

Well it will increase a little bit.
But damn dude, get a decent pc. this is really old.

ic core i3 good enough or do i really need an if or i7? Im not very rich...

No, you don't.
I've got these;
HIS Radeon HD 4850 1GB
AMD quad-core 940be @ 3.7 GHz

And I can run GTA IV @ 30-40 fps with everything set to medium.

What would be a system a bit better than that that could run gta sa at 40 fps on full settings?

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What would be a system a bit better than that that could run gta sa at 40 fps on full settings?
maybe 2 cores
a decent gfx card with decent speed
1,5gb ram is enough alreadyfor gta sa

then you should get really good fps
when I play it without enb with this pc I get like over 120fps

My specs:
AMD Athlon X2 215 2cores 2,7Ghz
NVIDIA Geforce 1024MB 9500GT Gainward(decent speed)

even GTA IV runs just fine on this system at like 30FPS recording at like 20FPS

but going to buy a new system soon
probably some hexacore or so (collected some money and going to sell this system 'cuz it ain't that old yet)

I got a;

Core i5 @ 3.6GhZ (its overclocked, but standard it uses intel turbo boost, wich also works great)
4GB ram
MSI mobo

Although for GTA you could go with a core i3 easily. Do upgrade your mobo though, I wouldn't worry about RAM to much, considering 32bits windows can't actually use higher then 3.2GB(correct me if I'm wrong, it could be lower or a little higher). If you do take more then 3GB ram make sure you have a 64 bit machine.

If you want to run GTA SA on highest take, arround 2GB ram, prefferable 4GB if your planning on playing more demanding games on it, go with either a core i3 or i5, or some AMD, they do the same trick only cheaper. And get a graphics card that has a nice clock speed and atleast 512MB memory. Check ******* reviews before you buy one.

For games, worry about the GFX and CPU.

My pc is:

Asus X50SLseries
CPU: Pent: T2390
Display: 15.4"WXGA
Wirless: 802.11b/g+BT
HD: 250GB
Memory: 3GB
OS: Windows seven ultimate
Graphics, ATI Mobility Raseon HD 3470; VRAM:256MB

And it play all games very good... It's 3 years old...

Originally Posted by playbox12
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If you want to run GTA SA on highest take, arround 2GB ram
where you got that information from?

read the recommened there:


if you'd need around 2GB RAM I wouldn't have been able to run it on my old gta sa on like 30FPS while not recording :]

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