I need Prison help!Help me please

I was going to MAP on my friends server for him and I was wondering what the X Y Z location was BUT I don't know it.
Please tell me the X Y Z location of the Prison please.
If you would like to tell me PM me on here or leave a Post.

You mean the one at LVPD?

DeMorgan prison.....I need the X Y Z location

You mean X Y Z of Jail?

I mean I need the X Y Z of when the admins use /prison (DeMorgan prison..)(The army prison)I want to MAP inside for a friend of my'n

He needs the Coords for the Area 51

no The prison in area51........ ok listen I went there and used /save... it saved my position and then I found my position and there was X Y Z and another number...what was it?

show what you mean...(the line)...
but i think it is the facing angle

Ok when a admin uses /prison.it takes you to a Prison,ok?.
Thats the Location I need(its the NG prison)

You're sure it's not just a mapped pickup there? Test it out... Go to that server where they use it, ask them to prison you and /rs or /save then

Edit: NG prison is mapped.

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