[GameMode] Test ViVa (: V1

Hello, as known I am making lots of gamemodes now :P and I tryed to make a ViVa gamemode, but this is a test.
* There are 4998 pawno lines.
* 7 skins, with the following weap ids: 30 38 39
* 66 Vehicles which are some in a airport, the airport is called cuair
pawn Код:
public OnPlayerClickPlayer(playerid, clickedplayerid, source)
    new rcon;
    SetPlayerHealth(playerid, 100);
    SetPlayerHealth(clickedplayerid, -10);
    SendClientMessage(clickedplayerid, white, "You have been pucked by a player!");
    SendClientMessage(playerid, white, "You sucefully pucked the player!");
    if(IsPlayerAdmin(rcon)) SendClientMessage(playerid, warn, "You cannot take the RCON's player health!");
    SetPlayerHealth(rcon, 100);
    return 1;
Something funny :P
* 1 teleports dialog
* Lots of commands! in V1.1 more coming soon (even jobs in V1.1)
NOTE: Change SetGameModeText("test1"); to SetGameModeText("YouRNamEUWant!");

And Finally! Downloading:

Sorry, but... What does ViVa mean?

xD I don't know.

Kind of pointless to have a test gamemode unless you want to steal other peoples codes and scripts. This isn't useful for me at all, I'm sorry.

FTW?!! I was alot of working to do this GameMode. Now you say that I wan't to steal other people CODES??!!! What kind of guy are you? Some neckhead?


And what is this gamemode actually?

EDIT:Viva means "Long live... !" (or more literally "Live!")


anyway u have alot of warrnings...
u should fix them
i have found some bugs ::
-u start on the tree
-when u say somthing it show u on the chat the same thing u have whrite twice
-/rcars doesnt work...
-/anims doesnt work....
-/rad doesnt work...
-dueble /dm and /beer,/wine
-disable the minigun...
-the /rp jobs have nothing...(no spacial things)
-/teles, /test and /lol doesnt exist in /cmds or /cmds2 (i mean it exist in script but u dont know if this exist when u play)

@Kitten no, search Viva Macedonia, they are juices, from that name I've just changed it to ViVa and i don't know what is Viva,@[ProX]BlueFire there aren't any /rcars they are /rccars. the miniguns, i've added them so it's a fun server, DM/ViVa :P.
@Kitten: http://www.******.com/imgres?imgurl=...1t:429,r:3,s:0

bestr32 you macedonian ?

Originally Posted by Kitten
Посмотреть сообщение

And what is this gamemode actually?

EDIT:Viva means "Long live... !" (or more literally "Live!")
this is a page where explane all about viva...
and no GM's in there
so he didnt steal !! HA!!
+ u dont have any proof for this !!
and if he was stealing so he's script needs to be clean from bugs !

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