Searching for a professional scripter.

Dear SA-MP fans,

I'm in need of a scripter to rebuild a whole script, non bugged, and it must be awesome.
I am able to pay Ђ200 for the whole script but I need achievements and proof's of made.
It's about an script for a medium/high roleplay server.

Contact me on my e-mail:

Thank you,


Best of luck. I'd help if I wasn't busy scripting for already two communities.

Alright, we will see. I need someone with roleplay experience so he knows what he does.

Pretty much almost nobody codes for RP servers even with cash. You know sometimes it's better to just do it yourself...

I can do some work for free cuz i dont wanna make the whole script i will add you on msn

Well, I hope someone will accept this offer, hehe. I really need the script.

Well, I hope you realize an avarage, nice working Roleplay script is between 20.000 and 40.000 lines. It will take up to a month, or even more, before a completely nice working roleplay script is ready. Therefore I think $200 is a bit low in my opinion. Just telling you my opinion, I'm not offering anything.

So, what they said above is right, you could better make it on your own.

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