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im sure theres lots of topics like this but i need one for myself as i read some and didnt see my problem

my server ip is
if it doesnt work whats wrong i am using a software called pf config and set it so it portfowards a sa mp port i set it to 7777.
when i do cmd/ipconfig and use my default gateway on my browser nothing comes up.
when i search for my mode on internet it shows but it shows the adress as :7777 what did i do wrong?
Also no one can join my server only visible to me when i have samp server.exe up running

echo Executing Server Config...
lanmode 0
rcon_password security
maxplayers 500
port 7777
hostname Nightmares server
gamemode0 mtdm
filterscripts AP
announce 1
query 1
weburl www.sa-mp.com
onfoot_rate 40
incar_rate 40
weapon_rate 40
stream_distance 300.0
stream_rate 1000
maxnpc 1

You have to wait awhile to get on the internet list.

To run the server you have to the run the server.exe

Dude, remember that IPs starting with 192.* or 172.* or 10.* are "LOCAL" IP Addresses. Only the people in your network can play. And your default gateway would be I guess. You need to get your internet public IP.
Goto www.whatismyipaddress.com and get yours. Then your port forward configuration should work. Your Server IP will be the one you'll see on the above website, after the PFconfig.

ye or use portforward.com and click your network router model and follow thoose steps to port ur server forward and it will show ur I.P On it too

As donB has said, you can't use "Local IP Addresses"
Use portforward.com to portforward as GoldenM4 said..
Also recommended if you can't portforward use a program called "Utorrent" utorrent.com

lol this same problem for me

Originally Posted by Ironboy
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lol this same problem for me
Ok i can show your guys PM or TEAM Viwer me i will show you its simple

You dont need to close server.exe or your server goes off the list so keep it open

could someone use team viewer and help me?

now when i see my server its adress is only :7777 and the other gateway ip or public ip keep saying retrieving info any ideas?

goto www.whatismyip.com copy and paste it here this is the ip which you need to give us and :7777 to use it for your self to join

tried it already didnt work

i tried u torrent says ports are closed

Unable to start server on port: 7777. Port in use?

thats what it says on the server log

im using portfowarding wizard

please someone help?

ill just make skype now

if you can help me please add my msn on muhib777@hotmail.co.uk

Online? No
In internet list? Yes
In hosted list? No


thats what it says when i type my public ip found on whats my ip .com site

sorted thanks for your help anyway guys

You can confirm if people can see your server online here:

its because i restarted my modem sinced i couldnt acces my default gateway ip on my default browser and it worked.
and people can join now so its fine thanks i checked that site too

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