gamemode and scriptfiles

Hi all! I want to know the difference between a GM and a scriptfile. AND how can I include a scriptfile into my GM. I have some GM's like MySQL admin, System etc... and I have some scriptfiles named BasicCommands; ProxDetector, etc... pls explain me!!


A GM = GameMode, Game mode is the file that have the principal thinks.... A filterscript, is an adictional script, like an admin system, some map...

To add a filterscript, you go into samp.cfg and in filterscript line you add the name of it!

By the way, filterscript and scriptfile is DIFERENT... A Filterscript is a script for example to register/login, the scriptfile, will save your stats, password and this....

It's like: The filterscript is a pena nd the scriptfile a notebook!
Filterscript do something and the scriptfile will save.... it can be used too to save houses, cars, bizzes and more!

Hope you understund By the way you could read some toturials! And Do Wiki toturials!

scriptfiles are resource files that the gamemode has to read to process. i.e: files saved for configuration, player saving files, reading objects from files.

gamemode and filterscripts are you codes written in PAWN that will run the server

Remembering GameMode is the most important... Without Filterscripts you can run server, without GameModfe you cant!

Okay... umm, let me ask you. I got some files:

MySQL admin system (it's a GM or scriptfile?)
BasicCommands (GM or scriptfile? It has cmds like /me /do /pay etc...)
ProxDetector (local chat... how can I include it and in what folder should I have it)


all in gamemode script..
scriptfiles are only when script saves a file in there to read it and retrieve data (such as player levels, biz, houses, etc)

lol... so in server.cfg i have to:

gamemode0 MySQL
gamemode1 BasicCommands
gamemode2 ProxDetector


no dude put all your codes in your main gamemode .pwn file, you don't need to add more lines in server.cfg

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