help how do i get my script on my server

hello i need someone that can help me with getting my script onto my server would you please reply here or add me on Skype you can add me on Odiase10 or add me on MSN

im sorry if this wasnt the right place to post this..

I don't know what you want to say.. if you want to add your your script on the server.. then
put the .pwn and .amx file on the Filterscripts folder and change the server.cfg..
In the line filterscripts add the name of the PWN
Mod.pwn and Mod.amx goes to Filterscripts folder
in server cfg:
filterscripts Mod

Hope you understand, cya

im a noob in this section lol i dont know what the hell your talking about but w/e i just need someone to do it for me... thats what im tryting to say or then atleast someone to learn me how to do it..

well i can help you just add me on skype ujbaloch but i will come online after 2 hours

Okay i've added you now

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