Problem with My Server 0.3c =[

Today im translate my server from 0.3a to 0.3c ! When Server was 0.3a i was have 3900 Objects ( Im Using Fallout Streamer or F_Streamer !)When im translate server to 0.3c im change the F_Streamer for 0.3c because have F_Streamer for 0.3a and for 0.3c ... when i change for 0.3c and oppen the server i got that problem : [ame][/ame] (I Make Movie To Show you because im bulgarian and cant speak very good english) Soo if some one know how can i repired that please tell me !

did you recompile your object streamer ?

Stop spamming, please.

Yes. Please stop spamming... and look at this..
Larsey123 gave you a fix, it should work.. Replace "F_Streamer" to the "Streamer" by Incognito.

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