need a scripter for GM!!

im looking for a unique RP script that will not be released after sale, set LS or SF.. can be mysql but not essential, needs to have a dynamic housing system, dynamic car system, dynamic business system , serverside money , individual player timed paydays, a full admin system , needs at least 4 factions built (with the ability for me to add more), needs minimum of 3 jobs wrtitten in but the option for myself to add more once again. there is more i wish to include in the main script PM me for full details.

Not GF.
Not a edit of a edit.
Must be unique.

Now the good part i have a initial budget of 100 GBP / 160 USD (for the main script)and will pay over 3 or 4 stages. also there will be extra work added on later ( paid ofc) but i would like to make a start on it ASAP.

PM me for full details,

please no timewasting

CLICKME. In this area, I think you can found scripter's who might be able to help you

add me on msn:

Just to tell, theres lots of noobs who like to say they can script but they can't be sure to verify.

@ al pacino - fail ... reason being you cant follow the instructions on main post and send a pm , how on earth are you gonna write a script.

@ Retardedwolf many thanks for the warning ( dont worry ill be asking to see evidence of their work before parting with cash)

Sounds interesting, I have sent you an PM.

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