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some days ago we started a project on the custom.img for our server. As our server is a freeroam/drifting server we wanted to convert some maps from single player (as Ebisu East, Okaru, Robada Pass and others) to multiplayer. The problem is that in the .ipl files there are a rot r (known also as rot w) value that sa-mp could not read. Seeing that remapping the map is a long and hard work (there are no proper editors for this kind of work), we would be interested to know if there is a method to convert this rot to normal sa-mp rots. Thanks for any answers.


i think u need something like txd & dff

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i think u need something like txd & dff
You need these files:

* .DFF = Shape
* .TXD = Texture
* .LOD = Feeling.

Yeah, i know this but i was talking about che rotation value in the ipl files (coordx, coordy, coordz, rotx, roty, rotz, ROTR). As you can see in the ipl files there is 1 more rotation value that SA-MP don't reads. So my question was how to properly convert this fourth rot to one of the three existing on SA-MP. Thanks for answers.

I had the same problem a few weeks ago, i have searched alot and found this:
Ipl uses Quaternions-
To convert the Quaternions To Eular Angles (Yaw,Pitch,Roll)(Rx,Ry,Rz)
you need to use this guide:
Let me know if you understand it.. cause i don't :O

Take a look here, you will still need to convert it to degrees after that but a ****** search will give you a bunch of methods for that.

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