[Map] Los Santos RP map + event comiplation [v1]

Hello, i'm presenting you first map i published ( i have many but its first on sa:mp forums).

It's map for roleplay servers, in Los Santos + event compilation,

it's v1; i mean it's not finished



beach bar:

i dont like the org base's the biggest house in vinewood and the "government" base near the L.S airport so i made some bases:

there are no gates opening on some cmd like /opengate so if i give u the map u must create it.


gas station and parking service base:

Event compilation:

in v1 there are 2 events i made:



in v2 there will be more but you have events like drag on airports, bridges, etc....

About v1:

i didn't edited street roads..etc, because if i give this map to someone, sell it or publish pawno codes u will edit it.

About v2:

~New events
~Ill fix some bugs if i find it
~im planing to add something more to spawn and to airport
~Maybe new bases for organisation
~im planing to make hotel in LS, maybe Vrock


If you have some offers for this map, maybe you wanna buy it or make together some GM with this map, please PM me.

Comments/suggestion pls.

You are in the wrong section, bud. This is not the board for telling people about your soon to be released, but not finished projects; it's for releasing projects.

its finished more than 70% of map, duuuuuuuh....

Originally Posted by MosQ
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its finished more than 70% of map, duuuuuuuh....
You obviously cannot read. I don't care how much percentage wise you have completed; this is not the correct place for this type of thread! I will warn you, 12 year olds don't survive well in this forum.

im 16;

ok warn me - my mistake

and please give me a link where i can post this topic.

very nace mannn!!!

Most of the objects are malplaced and extremely unrealistic.

Do not like.


I see, that you put a lot of work in it, but i don't like it.

Nice Looking good 8/10

ok guys thank you,

i love this way of mapping so i won't change anithing

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