My pawn dont compile

Hello there. When i try to compile something, the compiler opens automatic a SA:MP server and then return nothing, only a "Connecting to :7777...". Then when i shutdown the SA:MP the compiler window is blank, so the compiler didnt compile nothing. Im already using the samp 0.3b server/pawn and this happen with all the filterscript and gamemodes i download and/or have. The same thing dont happen when i use the samp 0.2x server/pawn but i receive many error with the 0.2x because obvious its not updated with the recent commands. So if anyone can help me with this problem it would be awsome.

PS: This may be normal or something but im a little noob to Pawn i dont know many things.

Sorry for double post but one day has passed and i didnt receive a reply.
And I really wanted to know what is wrong with my Pawno.

Well, assuming your using your pc, im no expert with this but maybe you have to portforward? I normally use a VPS so again, i don't run scripts on my pc.

No, its not portforward problem but thanks for trying to help me . Cuz i think isn't normal to open a SAMP server when we press the compile buttom.

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