Please help.

Hi guys,

I know this is a huge request, but I would like someone to show me EXACTLY how to get my server up. I try everything, but I can't seem to make it public. I'm on a desktop, so I don't think I need to port forward. Whenever I go and open my SA-MP.exe it stays p, but when I put my ip:7777 into my SA-MP client to add it to my favorites it just says "retrieving info..." and stays that way. Help please, either by IM, here, or even by Teamviewer. IM me at Thanks!


i can help u

Ok, how would you like to? IM, Teamviewer or here?

i dnt kno what that is but tommrow moring like 10 o clock come on i iwll show you

OK. I'll try; I don't know your timezone though. Oh well. Thanks for the help.

OK. Are you sure you have real IP.
If you have modem you can't have server.
You can test do you really have real IP.
When you start server go to sa-mp and add in favorites port. (There you can play only you).
If you again see :retrieving info, some program is blocking your server.
Check firewall and your instaled programs.
If again it don't work, PM me here!

I'm sorry, I can't understand you...

I am so sick of these threads being posted on this forum. It's about time I make a video tutorial showing people how to get their server online! Perhaps I will do that this weekend.

Ok. Or write me a book "How to open a SA-MP server for dummies." That would be great.

Originally Posted by Soldier9221
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Ok. Or write me a book "How to open a SA-MP server for dummies." That would be great.
Yeah... Sounds like a really good idea!

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