===> Different maps <===

i wanna make a minigame server and i just dont know how to involve more maps to my server.
Cause i added my spawnoints with AddPlayerClass and how to change the spawnpoints after the map changes?
What possibilities are there to do this?
Shall i make an onw filterscript or gamemode for each map or should i use a streamer and put all the map in one fs?
I would like to make it like i dont have to login after a mapchange again.
pls help me, i really dont know how to do this and i used the search funktion a lot


Make variables/new GM's...

thx for ur answer, but im really a noob at scripting yet so id be happy about a small example or link/tutorial ect.
(not a whole script that i can copy and paste but at least a bit more than just say use variables pls )

//edit and how to change gamemode without to have to relogin again?

Ive also tried to ask this question at another forum and no one answers
Is this impossible or too complicated?
Now i need to add more maps to my server soooo badly and i dont know how.
I also didnt find any tutorial or sth.
pls dear S.A.M.P.ers dont let it be a secret any longer

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