Vehicle spawner - Via dialog and with carnames/ids

Hey, I want one Carspawner.

I didn\'t find something like that I like.

So, /v and it upons one dialog, where you put carname/id, or command /v id/carname

Please help me to create it.

There are countless number of filter scripts that spawn vehicles via dialog.

There is even a filter script that came with the server package (fsdebug.pwn) which includes a /v command.

If nothing fits how you want it exactly, use your knowledge and the code based off other scripts to help you achieve what you want.

Yes, But im beginner, I don\'t know how to make it with Dialogs :S

And you are really pro

try garsino\'s and grim isnt pro

I want INPUT text, not list .

Originally Posted by dark_clown
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try garsino\'s and grim isnt pro
Thanks. I would suppose it comes down to what you would think "pro" is. In my personal opinion I think professional programmers like "Y_Less" and alike are "pros". However, what most people on these forums think is pro and my style of scripting compared to most of the population of the people here, I would call myself "pro" compared to them.

I would certainly hope you don\'t consider yourself pro, or Garsino for that matter. I would admit he created some very interesting scripts, but none of which are on the "pro" level (in my opinion - and no, neither have I).

Help me please !
Just make it, last thing I want :S

Inputtext dialog, Carname/ID.

BUMP - PLease help !

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