I wanna what fps limit should i do to be better at rw dm?

I'm not sure what you're saying here but you can set your fps limit using /fpslimit.

i know but what is the optimal limit for rw dm

It's up to the individual, and i have no idea what "RW DM" is.

I'd suggest around 60, as you get smooth game-play that's consistent. It really all depends on your personal taste. If you like the clunky look to your in-game movements, keep it low. If not, I suggest raising that bad boy.

/fpslimit 60

the thing is that of its clunky you harder to shoot ir hitbox is lower and everything. I tend to change it every minute and its getting lame...

LOL!!!! The best fpslimit you should set yours too is 48. It's smooth. Unless you got a new PC :P

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