Need HElp PlayerPickup: FILTERSCRIPT


-435.7654,-60.1194,58.8750);// The Panopticon In Small Garage
571.3318,824.5909,-29.843;// Hunter Quarry Under Ladder
-2422.74, 2218.67, 5.49);// Bayside Near grass light
170.79, 1835.14, 17.64);// in the area69
-2378.51, -1667.18, 483.13);// Mount Chiliad Mountain
-105.52, 1138.45, 19.74);// Fort Carson spray garage
1564.99, 1683.32, 10.82);// in LV airport
-1412.43, -224.14, 14.14);// in the SF airport
1883.96, -2395.99, 15.77);// in The LS airport

i need script FILTERSCRIPT
example: one cordinate u found gun ID 24 n get weapon then ammo too..
then sendclientmessage look like this: FOUND WEAPON!

one coordinats get weapons.. just one per cordinate 1weapons...
can someone help?

after succes make the filterscript upload it too
then sent the link Here public can download n use too

Thanks For helping me Guys.

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