PS3 Controller help.

I sold one of my PS3 controllers on ebay as i have 4 which, Well i only need one.

Anyway the guy received it saying it's 'faulty' and the problem he listed was:


ok i have two contorllers one is a duel shock , the other is yours , my duel shock when i turn left the screen movement is smooth , when i turn right its smooth , when i walk foward its smooth , on your controller every time on movement it jurks , im not saying the analog jurks , im saying the movement on screen jurks , this is not lagg in the game , as as soon as i switch controllers the issue goes away

Now before I sent this the controller was FULLY working, there was no problems what so ever that he has said. Has anyone got any idea of what is causing this? I had a small look online and it says interference from like phones and microwaves etc.

have you thought in the possiblity of "he is lying?"

Ask him a video or something because thats really strange

That's the first thing I thought. It worked right before I posted it, also when telling him to reset the controller with the pin hole thing on the bottom, he called me dumb and that He was not a 'noob'.

assuming that or he's really lying or try search if have anyone that problem if you can't find nothing...

As i said, i found about interference, but i never had that issue and i have phones all over the place.

tell hem to post a video about it

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