Can anyone help with gTeams problem?

Hey, im having a problem with gteams as after i have set my teams cop & civillian if your ID is 0 and you shoot someone on same team as you the person you shoot will be damaged but anyone on the same team as ID 0 can not damage them unless they are on the opposite team.

Here is everything i have to do with spawns/gTeam in my gm atm

I did define both Teams and done

new gTeam[MAX_PLAYERS];

Just missed it out

Thanks - B.S

i dont quiet follow but does this answer?

SetPlayerTeam(playerid,TEAM_POLICE);//You can delete this line if you want to allow team killing...

Well kinda but when i tried that it done nothing but ignore the spawn locations i set and sent me back to default spawn location lol
and uhmm i mean i do want it so people can not team kill but atm its like whoever comes in the server and is ID 0can not be killed by anyone on the same team. but ID 0 can kill anyone on the same team from ID 1 to ID 8 as thats all ive tested. I hope that makes it a little easier to understand?

i see bit or a wierd one can i see onplayerconnect and onplayerspawn as well

public OnPlayerConnect(playerid)
SendClientMessage(playerid,COLOR_YELLOW,"[SAL] Welcome To San Andreas Life.");

return 1;

OnPlayerSpawn was at the top on the pastbin link i put in first post and that is all i have for OnPlayerConnect xD

hmm not exactly sure how to do that i may just skip the whole anti team kill thing and just stick to normal teams if thats what the problem actually is

Ahh okay thanks xD i kinda changed some stuff round as i messed it up and was getting errors all over the place lol its back working again now shame no1 joins for the past hour while ive been adding/removing stuff to test haha xP ill try that in a sec thanks again

- So i kinda got the teams working so atleast they can damage each other now but i take it that its just the actual anti team killing is bugged then..?

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