Hey i have a few questions i would like to share and hopefully answered

1. is it possible to make a little script wich include copy move and paste a biz / house

2. is it possible to have the whole map in 1 server (can the server handle it etc.)

3. And if you know how many cars / houses / bizzes etc. can a server handle..

Cant remember anymore if i do ill edit

1. Can you be a bit more elaborate?

2. Yes.

3. 2000 cars, houses and businesses depend on how you stream your pickups and whatever else you have for them.

I have some houses and bizzes around the map and was thinking if it were possible to make a copy and paste and move, the whole biz/house ingame like save them, in a slot and paste them or move them to the position you are

Another question, is it possible to split the Chat in State's you guys can almost hear that im gonna make whole map to a server but is it possible to make an State Chat if i can say it like that, like im now in San Fierro, and i can only see what's writtin in San Fierro not Los Santos?

Use dini to write the locations of the businesses and everything required for the business in a file. Then, load the businesses from these files. When you want to move a business, just get the new locations of everything required by the business and overwrite the data.

I'm pretty sure its possible. Use IsPlayerInArea. You'll have to search for this around the forums.

Don't suggest the use of Dini, since it is very outdated and inefficient.

Well grim, if you can suggest not to use Dini do you so have another solution?
or anyone else have anything else more simple?

Look into any of the more efficient and updated systems such as
- Y_ini
- djSon

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