Sup... My mate needs help on he's server cause when every he types: /ban it says he is not admin. That's rcon admin it's trying to do.... But he is using lux admin admin script. And he is lvl 1338. He can't ban but he can use every other admin cmd... Is it a possible fix so we don't need to log in rcon?

I will prethank now.



Bump... Any fix? P.S It does same with /kick rcon cmd too.

Dude, since it's a rcon command, you'd have to use /rcon login password

Isn't it meant to be level 1337? And you need to /rcon login [your password] dumb!

Are you a dumbass, it's lux admin installed. It shouldn't need rcon cause lux admin has a /ban command allready. And yes i ment 1337.

Bump bump x2

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