Since we've updated to SA-MP0.3b our player count has been cut in half. I see it as a significant flaw that a wrong client version shows 'Server is not responding' to the user. Instead it should be saying 'Wrong client version, please update your client to current version' or something like that. I guess just many people don't understand why they can't connect anymore. It's very 'de-motivating'.

An automatic update checker or option in the client would have been convenient to...

I don't think there is some kind of workaround to change the message right?

Put something like "Update to 0.3b" in your server name.

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Anyway, your players would need to update to the latest version to see the latest version message!
indeed, but it's probably a good idea to start doing that in next versions?
or at least an update checker?

we've put in [0.3b] in the hostname. maybe i'll put in update to 0.3b instead, good idea.

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