Admin script

Please tell me what a Decent admin FS should have.
commands, wich stats shud be saved and so on.
cuz i want to make best admin FS around.. ^^
Not started
  • Commands
    • /kick
    • /ban
    • /freeze
    • /goto
    • /get
    • /explode
  • Features
    • Stat saving
    • Commands adjustable from files
    • Logs:
      • Health
      • Money
      • Deaths
      • Reports
      • Chat
      • Kicks
      • Bans
      • Commands
      • (Dis)Connect
lol the black dots is a bug with the colors in the list. can't find how to fix it...

I think just make the basics, like /kick /ban /freeze /explode /goto /bring.
I was going to make a completely dynamic admin script once but never got the time, like make every single command adjustable from a file, and make everything save to a log, like kills,deaths,reports,chat,kicks,bans,commands,heal th decreases, money increases, everything you can think of, but that would be pretty hard on your cpu... unless your hosting somewhere else

we have got a VPS so thats no matter. but your sugges are good ill write them in mainpost thx

I suggest to make a adminscript yourself

Can u has read 'cuz i want to make best admin FS around.. ^^'

Seriously, read the thread, before posting.

anymore suggestions?

Useful functions and good coding. Don't be like luxadmin, using slow codes and useless commands.

my codes won be slow but won't be optimal too.
i hope ***** will see this tupic too...
so he can give me tips and so on
it wil lbe best and nicest admin script eva!

Updated! i did a part of the commands updating from files (dini)

if you want it to be the most popular your probebly going to want to add around 175+ commands, for some reason the admin script with the most commands gets the most downloads

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