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I am creating the Andromada Cargo System, and when a command, or key is pressed, I want the hatch to open, which means a hatch will apear behind the plane (already done) and inside the cargo area, which is high up in the sky. Only problem is, SA-MP Streamer allows only one checkpoint at a time.

I want to be able to create a checkpoint behind the plane, and inside the cargo area, all with one command.

only one checkpoint can be visible at all times, it's client side. Anyways, you can use a checkpoint streamer look around for one but it'll only display the closest checkpoint. To let your players know there is a checkpoint somewhere else you could also use 3d text labels

Ok thanks

ah, simply mix up the regular checkpoint with a race-checkpoint. they will appear together. this way you can show 2 checkpoints at a time. i suggest to create the racecheckpoint as the "pilot target" one, and the regular checkpoint as cargo indicator - keep in mind that a race checkpoint offers you the choice of the type of checkpoint, like the "checkers map" as the goal (end of race), or a simple one which could show an arrow pointing to the next (invisible) racecheckpoint...

Could we have the script? lol - im not dumb i know he's banned and no way im going to get it.

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