request for bored scripters


Me and my friend NitroSWA are working on a MiniMisson script.
And we were wondering if other people would wanna help us.
This is a good opertunity for scripters who dont have a project at the moment or need a brake.

We need al kind of GM's: Dm's,TDM's,Campains,Capture the flagg,Race and other GM's
Me and my made both made a basic script for this job.
At the public "Onplayerconnect" is a messege were you can fill in youre name and script (so you can always ceap the credits).

to give you a idea what we already made (so you dont make it again :P):
- pirate TDM
- DM's:runnies at carpark,sniper,dessert sniper,bayside and more
- caprure the flag : LS airport,Area 69
- The maze (self mapped)

if you have a good idea plz post or make it and send it to: /

here are the 2 basic scripts:
Basic DM
Basic General GM

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