[FilterScript] [FS] Hit Npcs with a car + Extra

So, What I've made it is just a FS (including its npcfile) to hit the npc when you pass near him.

It's far from perfect and it's in a very thin shape, but at least is functional.

It plays three different animations (all random) when you hit the bot. There are many more to play but I tested only three.

Here's a little video I've made:


Some things I'm planning to add:

- Detect velocity of the vehicle (anyway, if you don't hit hard enough, in most cases you won't "hit" the npc).
- Play the correct animation depending on the angle of the hit.
- Make the bot face you and look at you (or play random animation) when you are near him (He stops if your are in a range of "10" near him).

Overall, it works pretty good for my taste. Give it a try and post anny suggestions.

You can do whatever you want with this FS and if you manage to make it even better (i guess you will), please post it here so I can use it too :P


- Sometime when you pass near him very very close, even if you didn't hit him for real, he will fall anyway (adjust the isplayerinrange to your desired amount to fix this).
- If you hit the NPC and manage to drag him a few meters, when the animation stops, it will return to its original position (as far as I know, this can't be fixed).
- Maybe some times you hit him too hard and nothing happens and viceversa.

The NPC HIT FS: http://www.sendspace.com/file/0otndc [ YOU NEED DINI FOR THIS TO WORK! IT IS INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE ANYWAY! ]


This is an extra package of 53 npc drivers around LS. I was making my GM in LS, but moved it afterwards to some town north LS.
This package include all 53 .pwm, .amx and .rec needed for you to spawn the drivers in LS. It's very cool and it took me quite some time

Drivers Around Los Santos: http://www.sendspace.com/file/zj2856


Ups, hehe.

nice fs its npc its down 5 min??

Cool man

It's also funny when you hit the npc and he's "dead", if you approach and touch him on the ground (or kick him) he will spit insults to you :P

But this is from SAMP itself since we can't kill bots


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