Pixel Shader Problem

I have absolutely no idea where to post this issue, besides in the section where its at, so I'm sorry if it's in the wrong section...

Ok here the problem...I have the crappiest, most low-end, ancient laptop that can't be upgraded or replaced. The problem is, since San Andreas requires Pixel Shader 1.1, is it possible to disable this "feature" in the game or by a shortcut parameter or something? My laptop "only" supports 0.0...

Any help would be greatly appreciated...Please don't tell me to buy a new PC or Graphics Chip/Other Hardware as I can't right now.


LOL 0.0 pixel shader LOL

theres no way only by upgrading graphicsvideo card etc or buy (RECOMMENDED)BUYING A NEW LAPTOP

The only way you can play is by upgrading. Sorry.

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