Speedo and Clock conflict help [SOLVED]

How do I fix/set the speedo and clock to use them both together. They can't work together,can someone help me?

The speedo is [FS] Real Clock Speedometer

And the clock is The Remi-X Time Tools V2.0

When i use both together shows like that:


I use my realtime clock in my gamemode and my fuel+speedo system in a seperate [FS] and they don't work after a GMX, I think it's an old bug.

I will try this option,thanks

What? I was just saying I'd Also like to hear a solution to this, I didn't supply one lol.

to me it's working fine

[img width=574 height=768]/imageshack/img24/9136/mocas.jpg[/img]

I solved this problem, including the clock in my gamemod.
Thanks for yours effort.

An admin can lock this topic. Thanks

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