[Wanted] Scripter

With the help of this thread, I take this opportunity to search for a suitable Scripter.
I like to give you first a brief overview:

1st Wen We Looking For?
2nd Requirements - Scripting
3rd Consideration
4th End

Using the table of contents, I hope that you find you faster cope.

1st Who are we looking?
We are looking for the team of CFR for a suitable Scripter, who knows the details of GF and Selfmade - Real Life Scripts (for details see 2).
He / she should be friendly and have a certain maturity (which can not be attributed to age).
We are looking for can not novices, but someone from the tray.
He / She should be aware that his / her course important RL
as the script is, but s / he should not be inactive.

2nd Requirements - Scripting
- Bug-Fixx
- System - Scripting (telephones, customs, garbage system, possibly needs, treasury, etc.)
- Group - Scripting and Add.
- Intelligent and resource-saving scripting.

3rd Consideration
As consideration, there will be the following:
- Payment in the form of transfer (No Paysafe cards, or similar).
- Admin rights on the server
- TS SA rights
- Forum - Admin Rights

4th Conclusion
I hope we can find a qualified (s) Scripter (In).
Under the following contact details you can reach me.

ICQ: 377910506

Skype: lorian18


E-mail: Kornfreak1991@gmx.net

Yours sincerely,

The CFR - Team

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